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Paying For Lunch




My School Bucks




Dear Parents/Guardians,

We realize it can be difficult to keep track of fees and payments to the school district. To help simplify payment of school lunches, the Weston Public Schools have enrolled in an internet-based service called MySchoolBucks. This service is a website where you can pay for your child(ren)s school food services using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Checking account. Participation in this service is voluntary and you may enroll at any time.  Be advised, there is a $3.25 fee per transaction, per student.

MySchoolBucks enables parents to keep track of their child’s account balance. In addition, the website offers Automatic Replenish. This is optimal for the student whose lunch spending varies greatly from day to day. With automatic replenish, when the student’s account balance goes below a specified amount, another specified amount is then deposited into the student’s account via credit card. Using “automatic replenish on low balance”, the student will never run out of money. Conversely, your credit card will not be charged until the student’s balance goes below the specified dollar amount.

MySchoolBucks also enables you to view your student’s participation report, which means you can monitor your child’s spending and see exactly what he’s eating each day.

To get started, you will first enroll at You will be asked to enter your email address and a password, which will be used each time you log in. Please note that a valid email address is required and that MySchoolBucks stores any necessary personal information in a secure, offline database which is accessed only to process payments and send payment confirmations via email.

Please visit for more information. If you have questions that are not answered on the website, we encourage you to call the MySchoolBucks support desk or the school district office. We hope you find this service a convenient alternative.  If you prefer however, we do accept checks in the cafeterias, and there is no fee.


Phillip Cross
Director of Finance and Operations
Weston Public Schools



Weston Public Schools

Food Service Policy | Negative Balances in Student Accounts

This statement is being issued to clarify the notification process and policy for negative balances in your food service account.




As a friendly reminder, parents are responsible for ensuring that there are adequate funds to cover their child’s lunch each day.  Please remember, if there is a financial difficulty in the household, free and reduced lunches are available.  Applications are available on the District Web site ( or from the Central Office throughout the school year.


Email Notifications

The Food Service Office sends emails twice a week indicating a negative account balance in a student’s account to the parent/guardian.  If a parent would like an email notification when the account is getting low, they can sign up for this free service on

The Food Service Office obtains email addresses for each student’s parent/guardian from the schools at the start of the year.  Parents are asked to provide a valid email address to the schools at the start of the year and to notify the Food Service Office of any changes to this email address during the school year.


Disclaimer & Limitations

It is important to note that the cafeteria will never deny your child a meal even if the account is negative, but the following limitations will apply. 


  • When a paid, reduced or free student’s account is negative, the child will not be allowed to charge any snacks, drinks or a la carte items on their account.  Please note, all pay-by-weight lunches are considered a la carte.



Free and Reduced Priced School Meals Information