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A Message from the Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Tina Henckel – Assistant Superintendent

Tina HenckelDr. Tina Henckel, joined the Weston Public School community on September 19th, 2022. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Henckel most recently served in the department of Leadership Development as the Education Administrator for School Support and Improvement in STEM for Norwalk Public Schools. In this leadership role, Dr. Henckel facilitated the implementation of Norwalk’s strategic plan, as well as curricula, instruction, and assessment for mathematics, science, technology integration, and engineering districtwide. She supported building leaders in the development and implementation of cycles of improvement aligned with their school improvement plans to increase teacher capacity and improve outcomes for ALL students. Throughout her experiences, Dr. Henckel is always inspired by the staff with whom she works. She looks forward to working closely with all school community members throughout this year and the coming years to provide Weston’s scholars with the best educational opportunities and guidance so they may reach their potential both as students and as people. 

A Message to the Community: It is an honor to serve the staff, students, and community members in the Weston Public Schools. Weston’s staff and students are bright, hard-working, and continuously seeking new knowledge and pushing themselves to grow. The drive and commitment to learning are what attracted me to the district at the onset. In Weston, we believe in continuous growth, and development and use a partnership approach in every aspect of our work. We believe in a “one school system” mentality that is founded on communication and support to all members who serve on the Weston Team. We thrive when we empower our staff and students to become the best self they aspire to be. Together, we are what make the Weston Public Schools one of the best school districts in the state of Connecticut.

Dr. Tina Henckel

Telephone:  203-221-6582