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Lisa Barbiero – Superintendent

Lisa Barbiero

July 1, 2021

Dear Weston Students and Families:

Today, as I enthusiastically assume the role of superintendent, I feel both humbled and honored and pledge to you that I will work relentlessly to ensure that all of our students experience success.

The WPS mission, as a caring and supportive community partnership, is to empower each student to achieve success and contribute to our global society by developing and cultivating character, knowledge and creativity through a dynamic learning experience that challenges each student to continually pursue personal excellence.

These powerful words speak to our highest aspirations. At Weston Public Schools, students learn to become critical and creative thinkers. They learn the value of collaboration and how to effectively communicate with others.  These skills are taught in math, science, language arts, social studies, world language, fine and performing arts, health and PE.  Our pupil services staff provide social emotional support to our students so that they are equipped to thrive at school and beyond Weston.

Elementary students speaking Spanish, middle school students building robotics projects, and high school students analyzing court cases in American Government serve as a few examples of why our academic program is exemplary. One only need to attend a concert, sporting event, academic competition or play to see our students shine.

Two years ago Weston High School had a hashtag # HumanKindBeBoth.  I would like our district to embrace this message.  Understanding the humanity of all of us through a lens of kindness and support strengthens our community.  It is essential that all students feel valued and supported as individuals and that they learn to value and respect others while not devaluing their own identities.   #HumanKindBeBoth

There are several tenets by which I strive to live and I  share them with you so that you understand what I believe is important when working with others:

  • Assume good intentions. We all wish the very best for our children.
  • Show an interest in others and try to understand their perspectives
  • Speak directly and respectfully to the person with whom you have a concern.
  • Use social media as a way to celebrate not divide our community

In my interview with the Board of Education I acknowledged that while there were other candidates that loved children, I was the candidate that loved Weston’s  children.  The past 17 months, we have gone through a tremendous challenge as a community. Coping with the unexpected impact of COVID as well as the divisiveness in our country has weighed on all of us impacting our professional and personal lives in different ways. The 2021-22 school year is one of transition and opportunity. Let us embrace it finding common ground to support our students.  My door is open, and I welcome one-on-one conversations to better understand different perspectives and needs.



Lisa Barbiero

Superintendent of Schools