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District Improvement Plan

Weston Public Schools


Our commitment to excellence and continued, purposeful innovation will make Weston Public Schools the standard in designing educational pathways and environments that cultivate empowered citizens of the global community.


The mission of the Weston Public Schools, as a caring and supportive community partnership, is to empower each student to achieve success and contribute to our global society by developing and cultivating character, knowledge and creativity through a dynamic learning experience that challenges each student to continually pursue personal excellence.


Weston graduates will have the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to achieve their personal goals and make positive contributions to society. The areas in which Weston graduates must demonstrate their mastery include: Critical Thinking, Communication, Problem Solving, Creativity, Caring for Self, and Caring for Others. 


The Weston Board of Education is committed to ensuring the success of the district mission by:

  • Supporting a Pre K-12 program that challenges and inspires students to understand diverse perspectives, to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and empowered learners prepared to thrive in an ever-changing world.  These are essential for developing global citizens.
  • Maintaining a safe community and inclusive climate that honors the uniqueness of every individual independent of race, skin color, religion, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation or other perceived differences.
  • Ensuring that the policies, practices and curricula are designed to be equitable and inclusive.
  • Constantly challenging itself  to evaluate and refine curricula, policies, practices, setting goals, expecting accountability and allocating the appropriate resources to ensure we embody the vision and mission of the district each and every day.