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Districtwide Programs

District-Wide Programs


Digital Learning and Technology




For all our schools, digital learning and technology is essential. Our students must be digitally proficient to succeed in college and their careers. Beginning with our youngest learners, we integrate digital resources and skills into daily classroom experience. As technology changes the world around us, we also recognize that traditional curricula and teaching methods must adapt and evolve.



Special Education


Special Education


The Special Education department of Weston provides a continuum of academic programming for students who are identified with Special Education needs.  this continuum includes regular education, classroom differentiated instruction, push-in support to the regular education classroom from a Special Education teacher or a para professional, small class instruction and individualized programming for students with more significant disabilities.  Related services are provided in Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy for students who qualify.  An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed for each student, identifying the particular academic and related services that students require to access their education.  In addition to Special Education, the district provides programs for students on 504 plans, as well as interventions for students who might be struggling in Language Arts and Math.



Healthy Learning Environments


Creating healthy learning environments is a priority across all schools.  We emphasize the social-emotional needs of our students through a variety of supports.  Staff are trained in programs – namely, Responsive Classroom and Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions (PBIS) – that promote respectful, civil behavior and honor diversity.  Weston staff are being trained by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence with the goal of assisting students and staff to reduce stress, improve classroom management and promote overall well-being.  Recently, Weston implemented Effective School Solutions (ESS) at the high school.  ESS is working with several Fairfield County school districts to ensure direct therapeutic support for students and their families who may be struggling with emotional difficulties.



Athletics, Music, the Arts and Theater


Athletics, Music, the Arts and Theater


Athletics, music, the arts and theater are trademarks of Weston. Over 70% of high school students participate in our athletic program, which currently includes 61 sports teams. Weston High School encourages students to participate and excel in theater, music and other artistic endeavors. Weston Middle School, Weston Intermediate School and Hurlbutt Elementary School also have outstanding co-curricular programs, designed to complement their challenging academic programs.