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  1. What do I need everyday for school?

You should refer to the sixth grade supply list linked on this website.  Your teachers will provide you with specific details about what you need for class.

    2.   What is switching classes like?

Switching classes will be something new to you, so it might take some time for you to adjust.  Teachers recognize that this is a new experience and will be there to guide you during this transition.  During the four to five minutes between switching classes, you will have an opportunity to attend to your personal needs, such as using the restroom or going to your locker.

    3.   Where do I keep my belongings?

Each student is assigned a locker with a combination lock.  You should keep your backpack and personal belongings in your locker.  Only a frameless backpack will fit into your locker.  Knowing how to use a combination lock prior to the start of school is recommended.

    4.   What does it mean to be on a team?

Everyone is assigned to one of two teams (blue or gold).  Each team consists of a group of teachers.  Within one team is a social studies, science, math and English teacher.  Students on the same team will have the same academic teachers.  Curriculum is the same for all sixth grade students.

    5.   How much homework are we assigned?

Sixth grade students average between one to two hours of homework per night.  This includes one-half hour of independent reading each night.  Homework is posted daily by each teacher on his or her website.

  1. How long is lunch and recess?

Sixth grade lunch is thirty minutes.  When weather permits, all students go outside for recess during part of the lunch period.

  1. What are some of the activities for grade six?

Some activities include morning intramurals, student government, sports programs, band, orchestra, chorus, and various clubs.  We encourage students to get involved and become a contributing member of the WMS community.

  1. What are PFAs?

PFA stands for Practical and Fine Arts, which includes classes such as art, music, computer, physical education, Spanish, and technology education.

  1. How do I keep organized?

All students are required to keep an assignment book.  Teachers suggest using the assignment book available through school.  Additionally, all students should have a 2-inch, 3-ring binder and work towards never having any loose papers in the binder.  Time management is also key to organization.                     

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