Delivery of curriculum is sequenced based on student developmental readiness at each grade level.


Kindergarten computer instruction focus is on building the student's comfort level with the elementary school lab equipment through the use of age-appropriate software specifically selected to support their learning in other curricular areas. As kindergarteners become more adept at the eye-hand co-ordination necessary to successfully manipulate the computer mouse, they gradually progress from "click-and-drag" activities to some computer-assisted drawing and eventually begin to explore letter location on the keyboard in preparation for use of the computer as a writing tool.

First Grade

            As first graders' fine motor skills develop, their typing skills progress from keyboard awareness to two-handed typing, and then to home-row awareness by the end of the school year. First grade computer instruction continues to support other curricular skills areas including math and language arts through the use of age-appropriate software. First graders also begin to use teacher-selected websites to access curriculum-related activities. Through these early Internet experiences, first graders learn the basic navigation skills that will support more advanced skills as they move through the information literacy curriculum.

Second Grade

Second grade computer instruction marks the beginning of independent computer use and productivity. Students are introduced to the basic features of word processing and multimedia programs. They use these programs to create original documents and simple presentations with teacher support, establishing the basic skills necessary to use computers as productivity tools. Keyboarding instruction continues with emphasis on proper position to lay the foundation for the development of touch-typing skills. Students begin to use the Internet as an information source in age-appropriate ways, accessing teacher-selected sources to search for information.



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