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What topics are addressed in each grade?

- 6th - Physical fitness, nutrition, personal safety, and substance abuse.

- 7th - Substance Abuse (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, inhalants), human growth and development (male and female reproductive systems)

- 8th - Substance Abuse (peer pressure, positive relationships, methamphetamines, ecstasy, heroin, cocaine, GHB, prescription drugs, review of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, inhalants), common teenage issues (sexual pressures, abstinence, depression, eating disorders, academic and extracurricular pressures, self esteem, positive family and peer relationships), and goal setting (proactive behaviors and strategies).


Are the boys and girls separated during the 7th grade human growth and development unit?

- No. These are mixed gender lessons and every student experiences lessons that focus on both the boys and girls reproductive systems. If a parent desires, they may request that their child be excluded from this instruction. If this is the case, the teacher will provide their child an alternative lesson in another setting.


Can I receive information and related materials regarding what my child will be learning about in class?

- Of course, feel free to contact your teacher any time. Your teacher will be more than happy to help you and to address any questions or concerns that you may have.


How are sexual issues addressed in the eighth grade teenage issues unit?

- Students on their own come up with common issues that teenagers often face.  From there, instruction stems to include an anonymous question/answer period.  The teacher will address any question that is considered appropriate (by the teacher) and will give an age appropriate answer or explanation.  PLEASE NOTE:  Students are consistently informed that adolescents and teenagers are not emotionally mature enough for sexual relationships.  In the eighth grade, abstinence is discussed and promoted.  Students will learn about contraception and STD's during high school health education.  These topics are not part of our curriculum. However, if related questions arise, the teacher will answer them in an age appropriate manner and also explain that these are topics that will be addressed by their future health education teachers.


How is substance abuse education approached, and why is it part of the curriculum every year?

- It is mandated by the state of Connecticut that every public school student receive substance abuse education each year (K-12).  At the middle school level we teach about the dangers of substance use and abuse, and place a heavy emphasis upon positive relationships, goal setting, and good decision making.





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