Grade 8

Team Leaders:  Colleen Geel - Ext. 5712 and Thomas Ragusa- Ext. 5569
The eighth grade curriculum takes advantage of prior experiences to develop a deeper understanding of topics explored in 6th and 7th grades.  In addition, students have the opportunity to develop the ability to synthesize knowledge and other skills necessary for future learning success.  With this new found knowledge, students will be given opportunities to apply their learning to inter-disciplinary and performance based projects within the various subjects.  Each subject area teacher is responsible for differentiating the material to ensure success for all students.  The eighth grade team takes a holistic approach in order to address students' individual needs through team building.



WMS - Team Roster 2015-16



Team Leader: Colleen Geel   Counselor: Lauren Davi   Team Leader: Tom Ragusa
Julie Baldwin   English   Angela Hare
Greg Ferro   Math   Carla Howard
George Hayes   Science   Allison Kovac
Louise Mulcahy   Social Studies   Amanda Quaintance
Gretchen Mancuso   World Language   Nohelia Colon
Colleen Geel   World Language   Colleen Geel
Betsy Fogarty - Art   Peggy Jorgensen-Project   Ann Soutar - Team Leader
Liz Morris - Music, Choir   Challenge   Marci Ames
Evan Grace - Music, General   Aimee Shuhart-Library/   Melinda Desposito
Jeff Holmes - Band/Music   Media Center   Amy Kreutzer
Koryn Soboleski - Music, Band       Tiffany Pena
Meghan Smart - Music, Orch.       Laura Andrews
Steve Santora- PE/Health   WORLD LANGUAGE TEAM Tom Ragusa
Matt Medve - PE/Health   Gretchen Mancuso   Jennifer Gumpert
Patty Powers- PE/Health   Colleen Geel   Jen Doyle
MaryFaith Blank - PE/Health   Luiza Kosminsky   Ande Ogden
Rich Blozie - Tech & Engineering   Christina Donigian   Lauren Davi
Rebecca Kaplan - Tech & Engineer TBD   Melissa Souza
        Meghan Skelton




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