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Q:      What is the loan period for books and Kindles?
A:           Reference Books: Overnight only
               Non-Reference Books: 15 school days

Q:      How much do I have to pay if I return a book late?

A:         The fine will be $3.00 for Library materials, no more no less; a fee of $3.00 will be posted to your account after the 15 school day loan period.

Q:      Can I check out DVDs and CDs?

A:           CDs and DVDs can be checked out overnight.  Late fine is $1.00 per night up to a maximum of $3.00.

Q:      Can I check out magazines and newspapers?

A:          Current issues of magazines may not be checked out.  Back issues of magazines may be checked out overnight.  Late fine is $1.00 per night up to a maximum of $3.00.

            Newspapers may not be checked out.

Q:      How many books can I check out at a time?

A:          As many as you like.

Q:        Can I check out textbooks?

A:          No. The Library has a limited number of textbooks, and these must be used in the Library.

Q:      What if I lose a book, device or material that I've borrowed?

A:          You will then be charged for the replacement cost.


Q:      May I check out WHS class yearbooks or archival material?

A:          Yearbooks and archival material must be used in the Library, except with special permission from Library Staff.

Q:      Can laptops be checked out in the Commons?

A:          Yes. Laptops, ipads, and tablets may be checked out for in-library use only, if they have not been requested for a class.

Q:      Can I pay off my fines by helping out in the Commons?

A:          Yes.  You will receive credit (not cash) at the rate of $3.00 for every class period worked.  Arrangements must be made with Library staff.

Q:      Can residents of Weston not associated with WHS check out books?

A:          Yes, with proper identification and during school hours.

Q:      Can equipment be checked out, e.g., cameras, tripods, headphones?

A:          Special arrangements may be made with Library staff to check out this equipment.

Q:      May I come to the Library during my quiet study period?

A:           Yes, if the following requirements are satisfied:

	1.   You have work to do in a specific subject area. 
	2.   You receive a pass from that subject area teacher. 
	3.   Have your quiet study hall teacher sign the subject area teacher pass. 
	4.   You check in and present pass to Library staff when you arrive in the Library.

Q:      How can I become a Library Learning Commons Aide?

A:            First check with your guidance counselor.  Then see Library Staff to obtain permission and an application.

Q:      What do you sell in the Commons "store?"

A:            Blank CD-Rs, blank DVDs, posterboard, 3x5 index cards, report folders, AA batteries.

Q:      How many items are there in the Commons collection?

A:           Approximately 24,000.

Q:      Can I bring food and drinks to the Commons?

A:         NO! Only bottled water is allowed.  Snacks are allowed in the "New Room" ionly if you clean-up after you've finished!

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