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Course Offerings

For detailed information on courses offered at Weston High School,
refer to the Program of Studies.

Course # 2611 - Technical Drawing, Level 1
Full Year

This course will introduce the methods, techniques, and applications of engineering and architectural drawings as well as computer assisted drafting (CAD). Students will gain a better understanding of project planning, graphic presentations, reading and interpretations of drawings and sketches, and graphic communications.

First semester includes drafting constructions, drawing to scale, ASA standards, and size and shape description and isometric drawings.  Second semester includes computer assisted drafting, the construction and plotting of basic drawings, architectural design, and the construction of maps, charts and graphs.  Priority planning and time management skills are emphasized to help students meet realistic deadlines for assigned projects.


Course # 2621 - Computer Assisted Drafting, Level 1 (CAD LI)
Full Year

Computer Assisted Drafting/Design (CAD/D) is representative of current industry practices in drafting, engineering, design and architecture.  All products from buses, to trains, plains, and automobiles to clothing, electronics, buildings and furniture are all designed and drawn in CAD. Students will not only expand on what they learned in Tech Drawing but will learn about the drawing/design work using some of the industry leading software.

Prerequisite: Technical Drawing Level 1, (#2611) is required. Students with other appropriate drawing experience may be admitted with prior approval of the instructor.


Course # 2631 - Computer Assisted Drafting, Level II (CAD Honors) 
Full Year

This honors course will provide continued experiences for students in 3D mechanical, engineering, and architectural design and drawing.  The course is recommended for the student who is interested in pursuing a career in engineering, architecture or other technology related fields.  Students will be given multiple design problems that are related to real-world experiences and also be given the opportunity to explore their own interests in student centered drawing/design work.  There will be multiple opportunities for students to enter state and national design competitions of which students here at WHS are some of the best in the state and nation in CADDD, winning multiple awards each year.  A portfolio of plotted - bound drawings will be developed for use in college interviews, potential college credit, and future personal reference.

  • Prerequisite: High achievement in Computer Assisted Drafting, Level I
  • Ability to work independently
  • Recommendation of the teacher.


Course # 2641 - Architecture 
Full Year

Grades 11 - 12

The Architecture course provides valuable experiences for the student with an interest in architecture as a career as well as the student who wishes to apply his or her creative abilities in architectural design projects. The course is recommended for juniors and seniors and is designed to assist each student in the development of those projects that will best fulfill his or her individual interests. The course requirements are flexible, however, each student can expect to complete projects that design solutions to proposed problems, develop sketches, drawing, and renderings, design competition(s) and emphasize priority planning and time management.

Prerequisite: Juniors and Seniors


Course # 2647 - Engineering Systems: ROBOTICS                                 
Full Year

Grades 9 - 12                                                   

Robotics when combined with existing course offerings such as math, science, and design, provides a solid knowledge and skill foundation that benefit all students especially those interested in pursuing Engineering and Technology majors in college.  The aim of the Robotics I course is to provide students with a deep understanding of robotics through the exploration of circuits, sensors, computer control, programming and the inner workings of robots. Course topics include the history of robots and their current applications in the entertainment, medical, exploration and service industries.  Students construct robotic kits from OWI Robotics and Robix RCS-6.  They will also design and build robots from scratch.

Open to all students


Course # 2648   - Engineering Systems: INTRO TO ENGINEERING    
Full Year

This is a first year course designed to introduce the students to basic engineering principles and technology systems.  Engineering when combined with existing course offerings such as math, science, and design, provides a solid knowledge and skill foundation that benefit all students especially those interested in pursuing Engineering and Technology majors in college.  The aim of the course is to provide students with an understanding of technology and processes through the exploration of Electricity, Mechanical Systems, Structural Systems, and Fluid Systems.  An emphasis of this class is placed on learning the design process, problem solving techniques and decision-making through the designing, building and testing of projects.  This course is recommended for all sophomores; juniors; and seniors who would like to extend their scientific, mathematical knowledge through project development.

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